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Spring 2014 Graduate Courses

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Spring 2014 Graduate Courses in the Penn State Physics Department
CourseCourse TitleInstructor
PHYS 513 Quantum Theory of Solids II Gerald Mahan
PHYS 517 Statistical Mechanics Lu Bai
PHYS 518 Critical Phenomena and Field Theory Jainendra Jain
PHYS 524 Physics of Semiconductors and Devices Roy Willis
PHYS 557 Electrodynamics Dezhe Jin
PHYS 559 Graduate Laboratory Mauricio Terrones
PHYS 562 Quantum Mechanics II Marcos Rigol
PHYS 564 Quantum Field Theory II Radu Roiban
PHYS 572 Laser Physics and Quantum Optics Kurt Gibble
PHYS 580 Elements of Network Science and Its Applications RĂ©ka Albert
PHYS 590 Colloquium
PHYS 597A Computational Physics II Jorge Sofo