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Ph.D. Placement - One Year After Graduation


Postdoctoral Research Fellows

Listing jobs and organizations held by Physics Ph.D graduates one year after graduation


Postdoc Caltech
Postdoc Cornell


CPT (Marseille, France)
Postdoc Duke University
Postdoc Enrico Fermi Institute (University of Chicago)
Postdoc Freidrich-Schiller (University of Jena, Germany)
Postdoc Georgia Tech University
Postdoc Harvard
Postdoc IBM Yorktown Heights
Postdoc JILA (University of Colorado - Boulder)
Postdoc Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Postdoc Lyon University (France)
Postdoc Max Planck Institute (Polymer) (Mainz, Germany)
Postdoc MIT
Postdoc Naval Research Laboratory
Postdoc NIST (Gaithersburg)
Postdoc Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Postdoc Penn State University (Biology, Geosciences, and Physics)
Postdoc Princeton University
Postdoc Raman Institute (Bangalore, India)
Postdoc RIT (Stockholm, Sweden)
Postdoc University of Basel, Switzerland
Postdoc University of California - Los Angeles
Postdoc University of California - Santa Barbara
Postdoc University of Chicago
Postdoc University of Frankfurt (Germany)
Postdoc University of Maryland (NIST)
Postdoc University of Milan (Italy)
Postdoc University of Pennsylvania
Postdoc University of Pittsburgh Medical School
Postdoc University of Portsmouth (United Kingdom)
Postdoc University of Texas - Austin
Postdoc University of Texas - Brownsville
Postdoc University of Utrecht
Postdoc Virginia Tech (Demography)
Postdoc Yale University

Permanent positions in non-academic settings (finance, government, industry, national labs, software, etc.)

Listing of permanent positions in non-academic settings and organizations held by Physics Ph.D graduates one year after graduation
Data Analysis Manager AthenaHealth, Inc.
Developer Small Business Solutions
Innovator Siemens TTB (Shanghai, China)
Kernel Developer Wolfram Research
Process Engineer Intel Corporation
Project Scientist U.S. Navy (SPAWAR) - San Diego
Quality Assurance Engineer Wolfram Research
R&D Yield Enhancement Engineer Micron Technologies
Research Mathematician Department of Defense
Science Analyst CAN Analysis and Solutions
Seismic Imager CCG Veritas Services
Senior Associate/Business Analyst Capital One
Senior Editor Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Senior Professional Staff I, Physicist Johns Hopkins - Applied Physics Laboratory
Senior Research Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology
Staff Physicist High Precision Devices
Systems Engineer Zero Point Functions Corporation

Academic Positions

Listing of academic positions held by Physics Ph.D graduates one year after graduation
Adjunct Faculty College of Charleston
Assistant Professor Andrews University (MI)
Assistant Professor Dalton State University
Assistant Professor Gannon University
Assistant Professor Kent State University
Assistant Professor Kings College (PA)
Assistant Professor Penn State University - Abington campus
Assistant Professor SUNY - Plattsburgh Campus
Instructor Oklahoma School of Science and Mathematics
Instructor West Kentucky Community and Technical College
Visiting Assistant Professor Bridgewater College
Visiting Assistant Professor Penn State University - Worthington Scranton campus
Visiting Assistant Professor Susquehanna University
Visiting Assistant Professor University of Nevada - Las Vegas
Visiting Assistant Professor Haverford College (PA)