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Peter Eklund Lecturing Awards

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The inaugural Peter Eklund Lecturing Awards and talks were given on Thursday April 7th 2011. This lecture series, named in honor of our late colleague Peter Eklund consists of talks given by senior Physics graduate students who are “…selected in a competition on the basis of their excellence in research and their ability to present a public lecture concerning their research.”

The students were introduced by Prof. Mildred Dresselhaus of MIT who was the postdoc mentor of Prof. Eklund. The three award recipients and the titles of their talks this year were Ashley DaSilva – “Transport in two-dimensional Dirac fermion systems: grapheme and topological insulators” (works with Prof. Jainendra Jain). Meenakshi Singh - “Superconductivity and proximity and anti-proximity effects in nanowires” (works with Prof. Moses Chan). Andrew Balk – “Nanoflexing of a 2D elastic interface” (works with Prof. Nitin Samarth). In addition, three other students received Honorable Mention Awards, Colin Campbell, Jie Li, and Edward Wilson-Ewing.