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David Weiss: Chair of DAMOP

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David Weiss begins term as Chair of DAMOP

David Weiss, professor and associate head of physics, has begun his term 
as the chair of the Division of Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics 
(DAMOP) of the American Physical Society (APS). DAMOP is the oldest and 
third largest APS division, with over 3000 members. The chair is an 
elected position with administrative responsibility for all DAMOP 
operations, including the 1100 attendee annual meeting. The 
distinguished history of DAMOP chairmanship started in 1943 with Nobel 
Laureate I.I. Rabi, and has included other laureates Arthur Schawlow 
(1974), Dave Wineland (1992) and Carl Wieman (1998). Previous DAMOP 
chairs with Penn State affiliation include Erwin Mueller (1962) and 
Daniel Larson (2000).