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Kin Fai Mak & Kohta Murase selected as Sloan Fellows

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Two faculty members from our department have been selected as Sloan Fellows in physics. The new Sloan Fellows are: Kin Fai Mak, assistant professor of physics & holder of the Downsbrough Early Career Professorship, and Kohta Murase, assistant professor of physics and of astronomy and astrophysics.

The Sloan Foundation states that "the fellowships honor early-career scientists and scholars whose achievements and potential identify them as rising stars, the next generation of scientific leaders." Candidates for Sloan Research Fellowships are nominated by fellow scientists and the Fellows are selected by a panel of senior scholars for their "independent research accomplishments, creativity, and potential to become a leader in his or her field."

Mak's research in experimental condensed matter physics combines techniques from nanoscale electronics and from optics to study the behavior of electrons in two-dimensional materials. Murase's research centers on theoretical astroparticle physics and interdisciplinary areas among astrophysics, particle physics and nuclear physics. His particular interest lies in the physics and astrophysics related to cosmic rays, the subatomic particles known as neutrinos, and the properties of dark matter.