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Mikael Rechtsman: 2017 Packard Fellow

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Congratulations to Michael Rechtsman, Assistant Professor of Physics, on his selection as a Packard Fellow! The David & Lucille Packard Fellowships are one of the most prestigious awards given to a junior faculty member in science and engineering. Each year, the foundation selects 18 Fellows. According to the Foundation, "Packard Fellows have gone on to achieve significant accomplishments, receiving additional awards and honors that include the Nobel Prize in Physics, the Fields Medal, the Alan T. Waterman Award, MacArthur Fellowships, and elections to the National Academies." Professor Rechtsman is known for his seminal contributions to the founding of a new field of research known as 'topological photonics.' More broadly, his research spans complex, nonlinear and quantum optics at the interface between emergent fundamental physics and optical device applications.