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Beatrice Bonga

Beatrice Bonga

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301C Whitmore Laboratory
University Park, PA 16802
Email: bpb165 [ AT ] psu [ DOT ] edu


  1. M.S. Utrecht University (2012)
  2. B.A. Utrecht University (2010)
  3. B.S. Utrecht University (2010)

Selected Publications

Publications in peer-reviewed journals 

10) B. Bonga, B. Gupt, N. Yokomizo (in review). Tensor perturbations during inflation in a spatially closed Universe

9) B. Bonga, B. Gupt, N. Yokomizo (JCAP, 2016). Inflation in the closed FLRW model and the CMB 

8) B. Bonga, B. Gupt (GRG, 48, 1572-9532). Inflation with the Starobinsky potential in loop quantum cosmology

7) B. Bonga, S. Brahma, A-S. Deutsch, S. Shandera (JCAP, 2016) Cosmic variance in inflation with two light scalars

6) B. Bonga, B. Gupt (PRD, 93, 063513). Phenomenological investigation of a quantum gravity extension of inflation with the Starobinsky potential

5) A. Ashtekar, B. Bonga, A. Kesavan (PRL, 116, 051101). Gravitational waves from isolated systems: Surprising consequences of a positive cosmological constant

4) A. Ashtekar, B. Bonga, A. Kesavan (PRD, 92, 104032). Asymptotics with a positive cosmological constant: III. The quadrupole formula

3) A. Ashtekar, B. Bonga, A. Kesavan (PRD, 92, 044011). Asymptotics with a positive cosmological constant: II. Linear fields on de Sitter spacetime

2) A. Ashtekar, B. Bonga, A. Kesavan (Class. Quantum Grav., 32, 025004). Asymptotics with a positive cosmological constant: I. Basic framework

1) B. Bonga, I. Khavkine (PRD, 89, 024039). Quantum astrometric observables II: fluctuations of time delay in the quantum gravitational vacuum


Popular science articles

1) Bonga BListening to our universe with gravitational waves. Nature SciLogs [Internet]. 2015.

2) Bonga B. The shape of our universe. IGCScience [Internet]. 2016