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Foteini Oikonomou

Foteini Oikonomou

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  • Postdoctoral scholar
206E, Osmond Building
University Park, PA 16801
Email: oikonomou [ AT ] psu [ DOT ] edu
Phone: (814) 865-3719


  1. PhD in Astroparticle Physics - University College London (2014)
  2. MSci in Astrophysics - University College London (2008)


I am a Fellow of the Institute of Gravitation and the Cosmos in the group of Kohta Murase.

I am also a member of the Auger group at Penn State, led by Stephane Coutu and Miguel Mostafá, and of the Astrophysical Multi-messenger Observatory Network (AMON) team.

My research focuses on the phenomenology of the most violent astrophysical accelerators, which accelerate cosmic rays, neutrinos, and gamma-rays to extremely high energies. For more details about my research, please see my personal webpage.

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Research Interests

Particle astrophysics, Multi-messenger astrophysics, Ultra-high energy cosmic rays, Extragalactic gamma-ray astronomy, Neutrino astronomy, Transient phenomena