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Lee Samuel Finn

Lee Samuel Finn

Main Content

  • Professor of Physics
  • Professor of Astronomy & Astrophysics
  • Field Chief Editor, Frontiers in Astronomy and Space Sciences
338 Davey
Email: lsfinn [ AT ] gwastro [ DOT ] org
Phone: (814) 863-9598


  1. University of California, Los Angeles (B.S.), 1982
  2. California Institute of Technology (M.S.), 1983
  3. California Institute of Technology (Ph.D.), 1987


Gravitational Physics & Cosmology
  • Theoretical
  • Experimental
  • Computational

Honors and Awards

  • 2003 Fellow, American Physical Society.
  • 2001-2008 Director, National Science Foundation Physics Frontier Center for Gravitational Wave Physics
  • 1993 Faculty Early Career Development Award, National Science Foundation.
  • 1992 Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellowship, Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.
  • 1990 Judge Francis Bergan Career Development Award in Astrophysics, Dudley Observatory, New York.
  • 1982 Spaulding Fellowship, California Institute of Technology.
  • 1982 Phi Beta Kappa, University of California (Los Angeles).
  • 1982 College Honors, University of California (Los Angeles).
  • 1982 Departmental Highest Honors, Mathematics, University of California (Los Angeles).
  • 1982 Departmental Honors, Physics, University of California (Los Angeles).
  • 1982 Daus Award (Department of Mathematics), University of California (Los Angeles).
  • 1982 E. Lee Kinsey Award, Honorable Mention (Department of Physics), University of
  • California (Los Angeles).
  • 1980 Barbara Ladd Gates Award, University of California (Los Angeles).
  • 1980 Byron Holland Scholarship, University of California (Los Angeles).
  • 1978 Hosmer W. Stone Award, University of California (Los Angeles). For excellence in Freshman Chemistry

Selected Publications

Full list of publications on Google Scholar

  1. Koop, M. J., & Finn, L. S. (2013, October 10). Gravitational wave detector response in terms of spacetime Riemann curvature.
  2. Karan Jani, Lee Samuel Finn and Matthew J. Benacquista. Pointing LISA-like gravitational wave detectors. arXiv:1306.3253, June 2013. 
  3. Perrodin, D., Jenet, F. A., Lommen, A. N., Finn, L., Demorest, P. B., Ferdman, R., et al. (2013, November 14). Timing Noise Analysis of NANOGrav Pulsars.
  4. Lee Samuel Finn and Joseph D. Romano. Roemer time-delay determination of the gravitational wave propagation speed. Phys. Rev D, 88(2), July 2013
  5. Lee Samuel Finn and Andrea N. Lommen. Detection, localization, and characterization of gravitational wave bursts in a pulsar timing array. Astrophys. J., 718(2):1400–1415, August 2010.
  6. G. Hobbs, A. Archibald, Z. Arzoumanian, et al. The international pulsar timing array project: using pulsars as a gravitational wave detector. Class. Quantum Grav., 27(8):084013–+, April 2010.
  7. Lee Samuel Finn, Shane L. Larson, and Joseph D. Romano. Detecting a stochastic gravitational-wave background: The overlap reduction function. Phys. Rev. D, 79(6), March 2009.
  8. Lee Samuel Finn. Response of interferometric gravitational wave detectors. Phys. Rev. D, 79(2), January 2009.
  9. Stephon Alexander, Lee Samuel Finn, and Nicolas Yunes. Gravitational-wave probe of effective quantum gravity. Phys. Rev. D, 78(6), September 2008.
  10. T. Z. Summerscales, Adam Burrows, Lee Samuel Finn, and Christian D. Ott. Maximum entropy for gravitational wave data analysis: Inferring the physical parameters of core-collapse supernovae. Astrophys. J., 678(2):1142–1157, May 2008.

Research Interests

  • Gravitational wave astronomy & astrophysics.
  • Astronomy & astrophysics of gravitational wave sources.
  • Gravitational wave detectors & detection.
  • Astrostatistics.
  • Numerical analysis.