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Mark DelloStritto

Mark DelloStritto

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211 Osmond Laboratory
University Park, PA 16802
Email: mjd1056 [ AT ] psu [ DOT ] edu
Phone: (814) 863-7505


  1. B.S. SUNY at Binghamton (2011)

Honors and Awards

  • Penn State Academic Computing Fellowship (2014)
  • David C. Duncan Graduate Fellowship (2014)
  • Department of Energy Office of Science Graduate Student Research Award at Oak Ridge National Lab (2014)
  • Peter Eklund Lecturing Award (2016)

Selected Publications

DelloStritto, M. J., J. Kubicki, and J. O. Sofo. “Density Functional Theory Simulation of Hydrogen-Bonding Structure and Vibrational Densities of States at the Quartz (1 0 1)-Water Interface and Its Relation to Dissolution as a Function of Solution pH and Ionic Strength.” JPCM 26 (2014): 244101

Wang, Hsiu-Wen, Mark J. DelloStritto, et al. “Vibrational Density of States of Strongly H-Bonded Interfacial Water: Insights from Inelastic Neutron Scattering and Theory.” Phys Chemistry 118, (2014): 10805

Mark J. DelloStritto, James D. Kubicki, Jorge O. Sofo. “Effect of Ions on H-Bond Structure and Dynamics at the Quartz(101)-Water Interface.” Langmuir, accepted

Research Interests

Member of the research group of Jorge Sofo.

My interests are in modelling the electronic response of complex, insulating interfaces, especially water-oxide interfaces.  These systems necessitate large molecular dynamics simulations which preclude expensive, ab-initio techniques for finding the response to electric fields.  Thus, I look at developing approximate models for the polarizability in order to calculate optical spectra, such as sum frequency generation spectra.