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Beyond Standard Cosmology

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Aditya Rotti, IUCAA Pune
13 September 2013 from 11:00 AM to 12:15 PM
320 Whitmore Lab
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Experiments like WMAP, ACT, SPT and PLANCK have measured the CMB temperature anisotropies with unprecedented accuracy, resolution and sky cov- erage. The (6 parameter) ΛCDM model of Cosmological is successful in explain- ing these observations under the assumption that the universe is statistically isotropic.

This assumption about the isotropic nature of the universe needs to be rig- orously tested. The BipoSH representation of the CMB two point correlation function is a natural generalisation to the CMB angular power spectrum and allows the study of the CMB anisotropies without assumptions about isotropic nature of the universe. I will discuss some results of the BipoSH analysis done on WMAP and PLANCK maps and present some exciting results hinting at the possibility that we live in an anisotropic universe.

In the final part of my talk, I will change track and discuss how CMB temper- ature anisotropies are altered due to weak gravitational lensing by gravitational waves and discuss how this effect can be used to construct a new window into gravitational wave observations.