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CAMP Seminar: Graphene-superconductor junctions

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Xu Du, Stony Brook University
16 September 2014 from 3:30 PM to 4:30 PM
339 Davey Laboratory
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Jun Zhu
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(814) 865-4376
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The interplay between graphene and superconductivity has been an interesting topic of research in the recent years. I will review our work on two types of graphene (G) -superconductor (S) devices. In quasiparticle tunnel junctions (S-I-G-I-S), the hot electrons in graphene are effective blocked by the superconductors from diffusing out and these devices perform as highly sensitive bolometers for detecting electromagnetic radiation. With small electron specific heat and weak electron-phonon scattering at low temperatures, the charge carriers in graphene can have their temperature elevated significantly above the lattice temperature. We characterized the microwave response of these graphene-superconductor junctions and studied the electron-phonon interaction/cooling in single layer and bilayer graphene.  We also studied S-G-S Josephson weak links, with high quality suspended graphene channel. These devices allow studying of the ballistic Josephson effect in graphene, revealing the impact of Dirac fermions on superconducting proximity effect.