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CAMP Seminar: Postponed

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Xingjie Ni, The Pennsylvaina State University
14 February 2017 from 3:30 PM to 4:30 PM
339 Davey Laboratory
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Chaoxing Liu
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Meta-Photonics: Control Light with Designer Nano-Elements


Artificially engineered, subwavelength-scale structures, such as metamaterials and metasurfaces, allow us to control the behavior of electromagnetic, acoustic, or thermal fields with unprecedented flexibility and performance that are unattainable with naturally available materials. With the fascinating capabilities of manipulating light with judiciously designed nano-elements, many new physics and unparalleled applications have been demonstrated, such as steering the light to an arbitrary direction, generating complex vector beams, inducing quantum interference, and enhancing the optical spin-orbit interaction. In this talk, I will highlight some recent developments on the meta-photonics which lead to several novel photonic devices such as ultrathin planar micro-lenses, high-resolution holograms, and invisibility skin cloaks.