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Colloquium: Angstrom control for astronomical events

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Randall McEntaffer, The Pennsylvania State University
15 February 2018 from 3:45 PM to 4:45 PM
117 Osmond Laboratory
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The McEntaffer group in the Astronomy/Physics Department at PSU studies the design, fabrication, and implementation of X-ray spectrographs for space-based astronomical observations.  This talk will briefly introduce the high-energy astronomy topics that drive the designs behind such spectrographs.  At the heart of these instruments lie X-ray diffraction gratings.  The demanding performance requirements of future telescopes necessitate new fabrication methods for these optics.  The nanofabrication methods being implemented at PSU will be discussed.  Finally, these spectrographs are being incorporated into a variety of mission architectures.  The talk will summarize current space projects and conceptual applications for future missions.