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FTheory: Varieties of Holographic Space-time

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Tom Banks, UC Santa Cruz/Rutgers
02 November 2018 from 11:05 AM to 12:15 PM
320 Whitmore Lab
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Holographic Space-time (HST) is a proposal for a general theory of Lorentzian space times in which the metric is not a fluctuating quantum variable. Instead, the causal and conformal structures of space-time are encoded in the form of the Hamiltonians, each of which describes evolution in the space-time along a particular time-like trajectory. The quantum descriptions along different trajectories are required to be consistent (a constraint that has not been fully implemented in any existing model). The space-time is a hydrodynamic description of these multiple quantum systems. If time permits, I will sketch the HST models of Minkowski space, eternal stable de Sitter space, a model of inflation and the HST treatment of Anti-deSitter space, as well as the HST resolution of the Firewall Paradox.