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HEP: Identifying the Theory of Dark Matter with Direct Detection

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Vera Gluscevic, Institute for Advanced Study
09 September 2015 from 2:30 PM to 3:30 PM
339 Davey Laboratory
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Kohta Murase
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I will present a census study of different theories that describe dark

matter-nuclear interactions, and discuss how distinguishable they may

be with data from upcoming and future direct-detection experiments.


In this work, we used a large set of noisy recoil-energy spectra

simulations to compare statistical evidence for the right underlying

theory against a large set of competing hypotheses, in an agnostic

analysis. We demonstrated that a strong signal on xenon- and

germanium-based experiments of the second generation (G2, coming

online in the next several years), has enough discrimination power to

correctly identify the momentum-dependence of the interaction at hand,

ruling out entire classes of dark-matter models. However, a unique

determination of the correct UV completion will critically depend on

the availability of measurements from a wide variety of nuclear

targets (including iodine and fluorine), and on the availability of

low-energy recoil measurements. We examine experimental setups that

maximize chances for success and discuss accuracy of WIMP mass