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Information Loss: Why Should We Care?

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Matteo Smerlak, Perimeter Institute
17 October 2014 from 10:00 AM to 11:30 AM
320 Whitmore Lab
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Information may or may not be lost in black hole evaporation. I will address the physical consequences of this alternative from the perspective of asymptotic observers away from the hole. To this aim, I will describe the relationship between radiated energy and entanglement entropy of massless fields at future null infinity (the "Page curve") in two-dimensional models of gravitational collapse and subsequent black hole evaporation. I will use this connection to (i) derive a general feature of any unitary-preserving evaporation scenarios: the Bondi mass of the hold must be non-monotonic and (ii) establish a lower bound on the purification time (after the "Page time"). I will discuss some recent proposals for nonsingular evaporation in the light of this bound.