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Marker Lecture: Quantum Technology: Putting Weirdness to Use

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Christopher Monroe, University of Maryland
29 March 2017 from 8:00 PM to 9:00 PM
117 Osmond Laboratory
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David Weiss
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 Quantum information science in the 21st century links two pillars of 20th century thought: information theory and quantum mechanics.  This new field exploits the bizarre features of quantum mechanics --  uncertainty, entanglement, and measurement -- to perform tasks that are impossible using conventional means, such as computing with unseemly amounts of data, and teleportation.  We anticipate that exotic quantum hardware such as individual trapped atoms, quantum dots in solids, and superconducting loops of wire will not only find their way into 21st century technology, but they will also bring quantum weirdness to the forefront and stimulate new ways of thinking about foundational aspects of the physical world.