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Marker Public Lecture: Engaging Diamonds in the Quantum Age

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David Awschalom, University of Chicago
26 March 2014 from 8:00 PM to 9:00 PM
100 Life Sciences Building
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Contemporary information technology relies largely on classical electronics: the charge of electrons for computation and magnetism for storage.  This lecture will focus on the remarkable development of semiconductor spintronics, an area of research beyond today's electronics that aims to enable fundamentally new information technologies based on the quantum nature of the electron. Research at the frontiers of this field includes efforts to create and manipulate these unusual states in a new generation of nanometer-scale structures. These developments have launched technological efforts aimed at developing applications ranging from secure data encryption to radical improvements in computation speed and complexity. The talk will describe recent advances towards these goals, including the surprising ability to control atomic-scale spins for communication and computation in a material surrounding us for generations: diamond.