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Special CAMP: Parity-Time Symmetry in Optics and Photonics

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Demetri Christodoulides, University of Central Florida
20 January 2017 from 10:15 AM to 11:15 AM
339 Davey Laboratory
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Mikael Rechtsman
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The prospect of judiciously utilizing both optical gain and loss has been recently suggested as a means to control the flow of light. This proposition makes use of some newly developed concepts based on non-Hermiticity and parity-time (PT) symmetry-ideas first conceived within quantum field theories. By harnessing such notions, recent works indicate that novel synthetic structures and devices with counter-intuitive properties can be realized – potentially enabling new possibilities in the field of optics and integrated photonics. These include for example unidirectional invisibility effects, loss-induced transparency, band merging, and new classes of single-mode micro-lasers with improved lasing characteristics. Non-Hermitian degeneracies, also known as exceptional points (EPs), have also emerged as a new paradigm for engineering the response of optical systems. Among many different non-conservative photonic configurations, parity-time (PT) symmetric arrangements are of particular interest since they provide an excellent platform to explore the physics of EPs for enhanced sensing applications. In this talk, we provide an overview of recent developments in this newly emerging field. The use of other type symmetries in photonics will be also discussed.