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Special Seminar: TeV Multi-messenger Astrophysics with HAWC

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John Pretz, Pennsylvania State University
16 February 2015 from 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM
339 Davey Laboratory
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MIguel Mostafa
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Very-high-energy gamma-ray astrophysics began in the late eighties with the observation of TeV photons from the Crab Pulsar Wind Nebula by the Whipple Imaging Atmospheric Cherenkov Telescope. Since that time, the number of sources has grown to more than one hundred, and multi-TeV photon emission has been detected from diverse phenomena within and outside our galaxy. The universe at these energies is a turbulent, unpredictable place with astrophysical objects lighting up, and winking off in a matter of minutes. High-energy photons point to the likely sources of the extreme high-energy cosmic-rays and neutrinos that we know are reaching the earth. I will discuss the High Altitude Water Cherenkov Observatory, a new instrument to continuously monitor the sky at TeV energies with unprecedented sensitivity. HAWC will be used to study the mechanisms of the most extreme particle acceleration in the universe and identify the origin of these high-energy particles.