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Special Seminar: Towards Magneto-Logic Gates in Graphene

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Hua Wen, Ohio State University
08 January 2015 from 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM
339 Davey Laboratory
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Jun Zhu
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Spintronics utilizes electron spin degree of freedom for novel information storage and processing applications. The key components in spintronics include creating, manipulating and detecting spins in a spin transport channel. Single layer graphene has emerged as the leading candidate for spin transport material due to experimentally observed high mobility, long spin lifetime and long spin diffusion length at room temperature. A nonvolatile, reconfigurable universal magneto-logic gate has been proposed based on the excellent spin transport properties in graphene. Integration of these logic gates can generate devices operating at high speed and consuming less power in parallel data processing applications. In this talk I will discuss our effort on trying to experimentally implement this magneto-logic gate using state-of-art lateral graphene spin valves. Firstly, current-based detection of spin transport in graphene was demonstrated in graphene spin valve. This is important because the logic output of magneto-logic gate is a current signal which depends on spin accumulation in graphene. Secondly, XOR logic operation was successfully demonstrated in graphene devices with three ferromagnetic electrodes by utilizing bias dependent spin injection in graphene spin valves. This provides an important step towards fully demonstration of the proposed five terminal magneto-logic gate.