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FTheory: And Then There Were Three© 06 October 2017 11:15 AM 320 Whitmore Lab B.S. Sathyaprakash, Penn State
FTheory: Multimessenger Studies at Penn State 29 September 2017 11:15 AM Miguel Mostafa, Penn State
FTheory: In-Vacuo-Dispersion-Like Spectral Lags in Gamma-Ray Bursts 22 September 2017 11:15 AM Michele Ronco, Sapienza University
FTheory: Some Surprises in the Theory of Gravitational Waves 15 September 2017 11:15 AM Abhay Ashtekar, Penn State
FTheory: Testing the Nature of the Compact Objects Discovered by LIGO 01 September 2017 11:15 AM 320 Whitmore Lab Cecilia Chirenti, Universidade Federal do ABC
FTheory: Inflation, Primordial Black Holes, Gravitational Waves 25 August 2017 11:15 AM Kin-Wang Ng, Academia Sinica
FTheory: Locality from the Holographic Principle 12 May 2017 11:15 AM 320 Whitmore Lab Netta Engelhardt, Princeton University
FTheory: Strong Gravity in Gravitational Wave Astronomy 28 April 2017 11:00 AM 320 Whitmore Lab Deirdre Shoemaker, Georgia Tech
FTheory: Oscillations of Rapidly Rotating Black Holes 21 April 2017 11:15 AM 320 Whitmore Lab Aaron Zimmerman, CITA
FTheory: Power Radiated by a Binary Black Hole System in a de Sitter Universe 14 April 2017 11:15 AM Beatrice Bonga, Penn State
FTheory: Holography of Information and Causal Shadows 07 April 2017 11:15 AM 320 Whitmore Ian Morrison, West Chester University
FTheory: Black Holes and Mergers in Theories Beyond General Relativity 24 March 2017 11:00 AM 320 Whitmore Lab Leo Stein, Caltech
FTheory: Testing the Binary Black Hole Nature of a Compact Binary Coalescence 03 March 2017 12:15 PM 320 Whitmore Lab K.G. Arun, Chennai Mathematical Institute
FTheory: Measuring the Neutron-Star Equation of State from Gravitational Wave Observations 03 February 2017 12:15 PM 320 Whitmore Lab Ben Lackey, Albert Einstein Institute
FTheory: Alternatives to Cosmological Inflation and Their Implications for the Spectrum of Gravitational Radiation 11 November 2016 11:15 AM 320 Whitmore Lab Robert Brandenberger, McGill University
Special: Observational Constraints on Loop Quantum Cosmology with the Cosmic Microwave Background 10 November 2016 02:00 PM 320 Whitmore Lab Boris Bolliet, Louisiana State University
FTheory: Probing Quantum Phases of Matter with Scaling Geometries 28 October 2016 12:15 PM 320 Whitmore Lab Sera Cremonini, Lehigh University
FTheory: What Can We Hope to Learn from Current and Future Gravitational Wave Observations 23 September 2016 11:00 AM 320 Whitmore Lab B. S. Sathyaprakash, Penn State
FTheory: From Unitary Dynamics to Statistical Mechanics in Isolated Quantum Systems 09 September 2016 11:15 AM 320 Whitmore Lab Marcos Rigol, Penn State
FTheory: The Separate Universe Approach to Soft Limits 26 August 2016 11:00 AM 320 Whitmore Lab Zachary Kenton, Queen Mary University of London