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Title Start Date Location Description
Canceled 18 February 2014 12:00 PM 339 Davey Laboratory Askin Kocabas, Harvard University
Special Seminar: Observation of vortex lattice on Type-II superconductors by the Small Angle Neutron Scattering technique. 14 February 2014 01:30 PM 339 Davey Laboratory Hazuki Kawano-Furukawa, Ochanomizu University, Tokyo, Japan
Special Seminar: From Topological Insulators to Majorana Fermions 13 February 2014 04:00 PM 339 Davey Laboratory Fan Zhang, University of Pennsylvania
Special Seminar: Taking a Scientific Approach to Science Education 11 February 2014 04:00 PM John Bill Freedman Auditorium, HUB-Robeson Center Carl Wieman, Stanford University
Special Seminar: Exploring Fundamental Physics through Measurements of the Cosmic Microwave Background 31 January 2014 03:00 PM 320 Whitmore Laboratory Bradford Benson, University of Chicago
Special Seminar: Effective Approaches in Cosmology: Large Scale Structure, Baryon Asymmetry, and Vacuum Stability 24 January 2014 03:00 PM 320 Whtimore Laboratory Mark Hertzberg, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Special Seminar: Exploring quantum anomalous Hall effect in magnetically doped topological insulator films* 24 January 2014 01:00 PM 339 Davey Laboratory Cui Zu Chang, Francis Bitter Magnet Lab, MIT
Special Seminar: High temperature superconductivity: a scientific crisis awaiting a paradigm shift 10 December 2013 11:00 AM 339 Davey Laboratory Special Seminar by Jorge Hirsch, University of California San Diego
Special Seminar: Quantum transport in one dimension: from integrability to many-body localization 06 December 2013 11:00 AM 339 Davey Laboratory Joel E. Moore, UC Berkeley and LBNL
Special Seminar: Graphene Chemical-Vapor-Deposited on Platinum: The Glamor of Imperfection 19 November 2013 11:00 AM 339 Davey Laboratory Special Seminar by Jinglei Ping (University of Maryland)
Special Seminar: Wetting, Water, and Flow Through Single Nanotubes 15 November 2013 01:00 PM 339 Davey Laboratory Special Seminar by Peter Taborek (UC Irvine)
Measurement of Cosmic Ray Energy Spectrum with IceCube 28 October 2013 04:00 PM 320 Whitmore Lab Bakhtiyar Ruzybayev, University of Delaware
Special Seminar: Skyrmion Dynamics in Helimagnets 28 October 2013 03:30 PM 339 Davey Laboratory Special Seminar by Jiadong Zhang (Johns Hopkins University)
Fictitious Fields in Phototonics: Topological Insulators and Pseudomagnetism 09 September 2013 03:30 PM 339 Davey CAMP Special Seminar by Mikael Rechtsman (Israel Institute of Technology)
Anisotropy and Chemical Composition: Ultra High Energy Cosmic Rays Observed by the Pierre Auger Observatory 03 May 2013 11:00 AM 318 Osmond Special seminar by Frederick Kuehn
Intergalactic Magnetic Fields and Extreme TeV Blazars 12 April 2013 01:30 PM 538 Davey Special seminar by Tim Arlen (UCLA)
Fermions in Synthetic Non-Abelian Gauge Fields 28 March 2013 11:00 AM 339 Davey Special seminar by Vijay B. Shenoy (Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore)
Electronic and Heat Transport in Molecular Junctions 26 March 2013 01:30 PM 339 Davey Special seminar by Professor Carlos Balseiro (Centro Atómico Bariloche, Argentina)
Topological Phases and Majorana End Modes in Superconducting Wires 25 March 2013 03:30 PM 339 Davey Special seminar by Diptiman Sen (Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore)
Neutrinos and Inflation: Exploring New Physics with the Cosmic Microwave Background 14 March 2013 11:00 AM 320 Whitmore Special seminar by Christian Reichardt (UC Berkeley)