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2017 Nobel Prize for LIGO!

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The 2017 Nobel Prize for Physics has been awarded to Rainer Weiss, Barry Barish, and Kip Thorne for LIGO's discovery of gravitational waves. 

Congratulations to Prof. Chad Hanna, Prof. B. Sathyaprakash, Cody Messick, and their Penn State LIGO team for contributing in a seminal way to this major discovery and the resulting recognition by the Nobel committee. The original discovery paper in Physical Review Letters also had several contributors from Penn State who played key roles leading up to the discovery, including Professor Sam Finn, Dr. Sydney Chamberlin, Ryan Everett, Dr. Ashik Idrisy, and Dr. Duncan Meacher.

The Prize would not have been awarded without the additional discoveries that followed the original paper: Hanna, Sathyaprakash, and Messick have also been instrumental in the data analysis of these subsequent reports.