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Luiz DeViveiros: DOE Early Career Award

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Congratulations to Dr. Luiz DeViveiros, Assistant Professor of Physics, on his selection to the DOE Early Career Award program! 

His research is trying to answer one of the "big questions" in science: what is the universe made of?  His research focuses on neutrinos, the most abundant known massive particle in the universe, and the search for dark matter, the unknown stuff that makes up more than 80% of the matter in the universe. Dr. DeViveiros a long history of working on dark matter experiments. He has worked on CMDS-II, XENON10, ZEPLIN-III, and the Large Underground Xenon (LUX). He is currently working on the LUX-ZEPLIN (LZ) experiment, a next-generation dark-matter detector that will be the most sensitive search over the next decade and on the Project 8 Neutrino Mass experiment.