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Peter Meszaros

Peter Meszaros

Main Content

  • Eberly Chair Professor of Astronomy & Astrophysics
  • Professor of Physics
508 Davey Laboratory
Email: nnp [ AT ] psu [ DOT ] edu
Phone: (814) 863-4167


  1. National University of Buenos Aires (M.Sc.), 1967
  2. University of California, Berkeley (Ph.D.), 1972

Honors and Awards

  • Einstein Professor, Chinese Academy of Science, 2013
  • Fellow, American Academy of Arts and Sciences, 2010-
  • Member, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, 2010-
  • Thomson Reuters ISI, ranked first by citations and papers on gamma-ray bursts in 2009-1999.
  • Thomson Reuters ISI Highly Cited Researchers list, 2009-
  • Top Ten Physics News Stories, American Physical Society (with the Swift team), 2008
  • Rossi Prize, American Astronomical Society (with N. Gehrels and the Swift team), 2007
  • "Best of What's New Award" from Popular Science (with the Swift team), 2005
  • G. Marx Lecturer, Eötvös Physical Society, Hungary, 2004
  • Rossi Prize, American Astronomical Society (with M. Rees and B. Paczynski), 2000
  • John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation Fellow, 1999-2000
  • Fellow, American Physical Society, 1997-
  • Royal Society Guest Research Fellow, U.K., 1991
  • Smithsonian Fellow, 1990, 1982-83
  • National Academy of Sciences NRC-IREX Fellow, 1986
  • First Prize, Gravity Research Foundation (with P. Kafka), 1976

Selected Publications

  1. "Subphotospheric Neutrinos from Gamma-Ray Bursts: The Role of Neutrons", Murase, K.; Kashiyama, K.; Meszaros, P., 2013, subm. (arXiv:1301.4236)
  2. "Measurement of the Atmospheric νe flux in IceCube", Aartsen, M. G. and the IceCube collaboration, 2012, subm. (arXiv:1212.4760)
  3. "Search for dark matter annihilations in the Sun with the 79-string IceCube detector", Aartsen, M. G. and the IceCube collaboration, 2012, subm. (arXiv:1212.4097)
  4. "The Astrophysical Multimessenger Observatory Network (AMON)", Smith, M., Fox, D., Cowen, D.; Mészáros, P., Tesic, G., Fixelle, J., Bartos, I., Sommers, P., Ashtekar, A., Jogesh Babu, G., and 11 coauthors, Astropart.Phys., subm. (arXiv:1211.5602)
  5. "Multiwavelength observations of GRB 110731A: GeV emission from onset to afterglow", The Fermi- LAT-GBM, Swift, GROND and MOA Collaborations, 2013, ApJ., 763:71 (arXiv:1212.0973)
  6. "High energy neutrino and gamma ray transients from relativistic supernova shock breakouts", Kashiyama, K., Murase, K., Horiuchi, S., Gao, S. and Meszaros, P., 2012, ApJ(Lett.), subm. (arXiv:1210.8147)
  7. "Magnetically and Baryonically Dominated Photospheric Gamma-Ray Burst Model Fits to Fermi LAT Observations", Veres, P., Zhang, B-B. and Meszaros, P., 2013, ApJ, in press (arXiv:1210.7811)
  8. "Search for Galactic PeV Gamma Rays with the IceCube Neutrino Observatory", Aartsen, M. G. and the IceCube collaboration, 2012, subm. (arXiv:1210.7992)
  9. "High Energy Neutrinos from Dissipative Photospheric Models of Gamma Ray Bursts", Gao, S., Asano, K. and Meszaros, P., 2012, JCAP, 11:058 (arXiv:1210.1186)
  10. "Observation of Cosmic Ray Anisotropy with the IceTop Air Shower Array", Aartsen, M. G. and the IceCube collaboration, 2012, subm. (arXiv:1210.5278)

Research Interests

  • Theoretical high-energy astrophysics
  • Gamma-ray burst sources
  • Ultra-high-energy neutrinos and photons
  • Cosmology
  • Neutron stars and black holes
  • Active galactic nuclei