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Ruixing Zhang

Ruixing Zhang

Main Content

  • PhD student in Prof. Chao-Xing Liu's group.
108 Osmond Laboratory
University Park, PA 16802
Email: rxz151 [ AT ] psu [ DOT ] edu


  1. B.S. University of Science & Technology of China (2012)

Selected Publications

1. RX Zhang and CX Liu, "Crystalline symmetry protected number-conserving Majorana mode in Dirac semi-metal nanowires", Phys. Rev. Lett. 120, 156802 (2018)

2. J Li, RX Zhang, Z Yin, JX Zhang, K Watanabe, T Taniguchi, CX Liu and J Zhu, "A valley valve and electron beam splitter in bilayer graphene", arXiv:1708.02311 (2017)

3. RX Zhang and CX Liu, "Fingerprints of bosonic symmetry protected topological state in a quantum point contact", Phys. Rev. Lett. 118, 216803 (2017)

4. Z Bi, RX Zhang, YZ You, A Young, L Balents, CX Liu, C Xu, "Bilayer Graphene as a platform for Bosonic Symmetry Protected Topological States", Phys. Rev. Lett. 118, 126801 (2017)

5. RX Zhang, C Xu and CX Liu, "Interacting topological phases in thin films of topological mirror Kondo insulators", Physical Review B 94, 235128 (2016)

6. RX Zhang, HC Hsu, CX Liu, "Electrically tunable spin polarization of chiral edge modes in a quantum anomalous Hall insulator", Physical Review B 93,235315 (2016)

7. RX Zhang and CX Liu, "Topological invariants for three dimensional Dirac semimetals and four dimensional topological rotational insulators", arXiv:1605.04451 (2016)

8. W Cao, RX Zhang, P Tang, G Yang, J Sofo, W Duan, CX Liu, "Heavy Dirac fermions in a graphene/topological insulator hetero-junction", 2D Materials 3 (2016) 034006

9. RX Zhang, JA Hutasoit, Y Sun, B Yan, C Xu, CX Liu, "Topological nematic phase in Dirac semi-metals", Physical Review B 93, 041108(R) (2016)

10. XY Dong, JF Wang, RX Zhang, WH Duan, BF Zhu, JO Sofo, CX Liu, "Electrically tunable multiple Dirac cones in thin films of the (LaO)2(SbSe2)2 family of materials", Nature Communication 6, doi:10.1038/ncomms9517 (2015)

11. RX Zhang, CX Liu, "Topological magnetic crystalline insulators and corepresentation theory", Physical Review B 91 (11), 115317 (2015) 

12. CX Liu, RX Zhang, BK VanLeeuwen, "Topological nonsymmorphic crystalline insulators", Physical Review B 90 (8), 085304 (2014)

Research Interests

Theory of topological phases.