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Colloquium: Experimental search for non-Abelian excitations

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Leonid Rokhinson, Purdue University
29 March 2018 from 3:45 PM to 4:45 PM
117 Osmond Laboratory
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Jun Zhu
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I will start with an introduction into the physics of Majorana

fermions in semiconductor/superconductor hybrids and description of

our experiments where the fractional ac Josephson effect, a

hallmark of topological matter, has been observed. I will briefly

discuss challenges facing the field which make manipulation and

demonstration of non-Abelian statistics extremely difficult.


In the second part I will introduce a new platform based on spin

transitions in the fractional quantum Hall effect regime where

parafermions - higher order non-abelian excitations - can be

realized. Local (gate) control of spin transition allows formation

of isolated domain walls, which consist of counter-propagating edge

states of opposite polarization with fractional charge excitations.

When superconductivity is induced into such a domain wall from

superconducting contacts via proximity effect, parafermions are

expected to be formed at the domain wall boundaries. In a

multi-gate device a re-configurable network of domain walls can be

formed allowing creation, braiding, manipulation and fusion of

parafermions. In respect to the quantum computing application

parafermons are more computationally intense than Majoranas and are

a building block for Fibonacci fermions, even high order

non-Abelian particles that can perform universal gate operations

within the topologically protected subspace.