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CAMP : Modeling transport signatures of Andreev versus Majorana states in semiconductor nanowires 29 April 2019 03:30 PM 339 Davey Jay Deep Sau, University of Maryland
FTheory: Testing General Relativity with Black Hole Mergers 26 April 2019 11:10 AM 320 Whitmore Lab Frans Pretorius, Princeton University
Colloquium: COMPOSITE FERMIONS AND THEIR FERMI SURFACES 25 April 2019 03:45 PM 117 Osmond Ravindra Bhatt, Princeton University
Neutrino Oscillation Probabilities in Matter 24 April 2019 11:00 AM 339 Davey Prof. Peter Denton (Brookhaven National Lab), hosted by Irina
CAMP : Grains, Domains and Solid Solutions: Extrinsic Effects on Phonon Thermal Transport in Oxides 22 April 2019 03:30 PM 339 Davey Brian Foley, Penn State University
Colloquium: Neutrinos vs the human lifespan. Who will win? 18 April 2019 03:45 PM 117 Osmond Jenny Thomas, University College- London, and University of Wisconsin- Madison
HEP: New Probes for BSM physics at Kaon Factories 17 April 2019 01:30 PM 339 Davey Kohsaku Tobioka, Florida State University
FTheory: Spatial Curvature, Dark Energy Dynamics, Neither, or Both? 12 April 2019 09:00 AM Bharat Ratra, Kansas State University
Colloquium: How does Interactive Media Affect Us? 10 April 2019 03:45 PM 117 Osmond Experiments on the Psychology of Interactivity by S. Shyam Sundar
CAMP: Bayesian exploration of complex networks by random walks 08 April 2019 03:30 PM 339 Davey Alex Morozov, Rutgers University
FTheory: Gravitational Wave Search for Compact Binary Coalescences in Advanced LIGO's Third and Advanced Virgo's Second Observing Run 05 April 2019 09:00 AM Surabhi Sachdev, Penn State
Colloquium: Ice sheets and sea-level rise: The physics of glaciers 04 April 2019 03:45 PM 117 Osmond Richard Alley, Penn State University
HEP: Compactness constraints on the gamma-ray emitting site in GW170817 03 April 2019 01:30 PM 339 Davey Tastuya Matusmoto, The Hebrew University
ILQG: Page Theorem and the Entropy of Bell-Network States 02 April 2019 10:00 AM Eugenio Bianchi, Penn State
CAMP: Spin And Charge Transport Through Correlated Heterostructures 01 April 2019 03:30 PM 339 Davey ChunNing Lau, Ohio State University
CAMP: Superconductor/Semiconductor Heterostructures for Quantum Computation 29 March 2019 10:00 AM 339 Davey Laboratory Chris Palmstrom, University of California
FTheory: Coulombic Contribution to Angular Momentum Flux in General Relativity 29 March 2019 09:00 AM Eric Poisson, University of Guelph
Colloquium: Growth and Electronic Properties of Heusler Epitaxial Thin Films 28 March 2019 03:45 PM 117 Osmond Chris Palmstrom, University of California
CAMP: Cyclic Memories in Disordered Materials 27 March 2019 03:30 PM 339 Davey Nathan Keim, CalPoly San Luis Obispo
HEP: Forces inside hadrons: pressure, shear forces, and the mechanical radius 27 March 2019 01:30 PM 339 Davey Peter Schweitzer, University of Connecticut